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Welcome to DigiClass, an original and innovative product that enhances the quality of education in any high school institution.

The DigiClass system marks a new era in the way education is both delivered and managed in high schools across the country. With the sharp increase in mobile penetration and internet access in Southern Africa, more is now possible as technology marries education.

In short, DigiClass is a virtual learning environment and course management system packed with tons of features for both teachers, learners and the school as a whole.



Communication is at the core of the DigiClass system. Parents and students can now receive updates and emails from teachers through the use of powerful communication features.

Personal Organisation

Students gain access to a personalised planning tool which provides them with important dates and events to help them organise their lives. There will be no excuse to forgetting the homework.

Courses and Groups

Custom courses and groups can be created by the school for students to join. From the 1st Rugby Team group to the Mathematics Grade 9 course, many features are at your finger tips: Announcements, discussions, polls, events and multimedia content.

Share Knowledge

All educational content uploaded to the system can be made public and viewable in our very own Knowledge Center: a place for students and teachers from any school to visit and gain more educational content on their courses and subjects.


Gain valuable insight into the activity of your students. Gain access to their login habits and their involvement within the DigiClass system.

Explore Your Future

The DigiClass system constantly finds new and exciting information for all students registered on the system. Content ranging from interesting facts to career opportunities will be available to all users.

Cloud Based

All our code and data are hosted externally in the cloud. This means increased performance and availability, but most importantly: no setup or maintenance is needed from your side.

Mobile Enabled

All features of DigiClass are mobile friendly. Visit the website from your phone, tablet or computer. Many different devices have been taken into account and the DigiClass experience will remain constant throughout.


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